Medical Medium John Bueche

Medical Medium

John Bueche

John offers healing sessions to unlock your body’s ability to heal itself.  John was made aware of his gift over 35 years ago.  Since then he has worked with all situations and his clients feedback, keeps him willing to take on more clients

How May I Help You?


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You can book an appointment for yourself or a loved one to remove blocks to living a pain free life. $100.00 for first session. $50.00 per session once a client



All communication styles are welcome. Energy Healings are long distance. So you can write to me via email to ask for help, or call on phone or request a zoom meeting.


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John works with all people in all ranges of ability to pay. With Patreon you can support John helping those who are struggling right now.

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Miracles are a willingness to believe and let go of past beliefs in limitation.   John Bueche