"My discovery is John Bueche, a Healer. He healed my painful shoulder injury. A month later he healed my painful bleeding colon. My ulcer and colon have plagued me for years. Doctors could not fix either of them. John did." 9/22/11
Judy Prudhomme- Author
The New Ones of Atlantis
News Article:" Man uses 'God's gift' to heal followers" 2/23/2009
Our County, The Daily News
Rick Cousins
"God Intended us to meet at Kroger" " we were meant to meet and my husband and I are incredibly grateful" 6/17/2014
Barb Haske, email
A woman of great faith
"Since our meeting where I experience my own clearing and readiness to heal, I have referred you a few dear friends as well as my family. Some of them, it was for another family member who was not aware of the gift requested. Yet the feedback is amazing from all. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us" 12/24/2020
UPDATED Review! Aug/2022