Frequently Asked Questions

Energy Healing is a form of Medical Mediumship, moving hard held beliefs of body pain as a lifetime station.  Removing these blocks, assists your spirit in clearing the deck for new beliefs to come in.   When I speak with someone on the phone or through computer, often there is immediate relief.  We call that spirit intervening with your reality. While this may seem simple, it is a form of sending energy to your situation and light and love.

Anyone who is open to a new reality!  Sometimes it’s a family member asking for relief of a loved one.  Either way, miracles are part of our everyday when we allow them.

For some yes, but I am not a licensed therapist. What I am is a blessed human who loves to help other humans and animals

Some are born with this gift, as I was.  Some put their intentions to learn everything they can about it and study with Medical Mediums to explore their own potential.  If you are drawn to it, spirit will meet you where you are.

NO, please understand, I work with energy and what I perceive to be God’s gift to me to be of service to others.  I do not practice medicine and will never diagnose you. What I offer is divine energy. If you are under a doctors care, I am not a replacement, rather I am here to send energy for your body to receive healing of all kinds more rapidly.

The first visit is $100.  Return visits are $50.  

With any power engine, be it human or vehicle, it is important to take care of your needs.  Be it rest, changes in diet, addressing stressful situations.  It is our belief that once receiving healing energy, the task does not seem so daunting. Our belief is this is where you find stability. 

Manage your expectations: We all want to think we will witness a miracle and in many situations that is exactly what happens, please know that if you are requesting a healing on behalf of someone else, they too have their own free will, and while we may lessen the pain or extend time, it is ultimately up to that person to accept the healing.  

Should New Issues or just craving a refresh, future visits are $50. a session.

Being a healer is a full time energy exchange, and while there have been incredible miracles, there is also the EGO that does not want to allow this new reality or way of feeling.  Know that everything is in its right time.  This type of healing is different than taking a pill, it is more a scan intuitively with your participation in allowing the energy to remove the blocks that put it there in the first place.


?If you are interested in scheduling an appointment  Please fill out this form. We ask that you make a note in Additional Request, ie: Best time to reach you? Urgency of situation? Or, if you are gifting a session to someone else? 

We also offer Oracle Card readings to understand where the issue may be rooted.